Nutrition Coaching.


SIMPLE  There's no need to struggle through your plant-based journey alone. It can be a scary, overwhelming, & confusing place. The Coach Carleigh approach to healthy eating takes the simplest path, leaving behind the old approach of tracking every morsel of food & teaching you how to listen to your body instead. We'll take things at your pace, no overhauls, no dramatic shifts. A simple approach rooted in behavior change research.

PLANTS  Coach Carleigh teaches & advocates an evidence based approach to nutrition: whole food, plant-based eating. With a focus on whole plant foods, getting the most nutrients in each bite, & eating the rainbow, Coach Carleigh will help you create a plant-based lifestyle that works with you, not against you. Use these plants to fuel your body, fuel your life, & start to feel amazing. 

ABUNDANCE  Think eating healthy means depriving yourself, eating tiny portions, & being hungry all the time? Not here. Coach Carleigh focuses on balancing your plate while eating in abundance, feeding your body, & allowing it to thrive. You'll learn how to get back to basics, following your intuition when you eat: eating when you're hungry, stopping when you're full, & reaching for the foods that will nourish your body from the inside out.

SUSTAINABLE  There's no point in working with a nutrition coach if the changes are just going to fade out of your life & your unhealthy habits are going to creep back in as soon as you reach your goal. With a focus on behavior change, Coach Carleigh will work with you to create changes that are sustainable in your life. Not just until your friend's wedding, but for the rest of your life. You'll learn the tools you need to live a well balanced, nutrient dense life, without constant effort.