Hey there! I'm Carleigh.

I grew up eating anything & everything. Ok, so not quite anything--I was a super picky eater.

But, I grew up eating junk food galore, processed meats, pop, & sweets like crazy.

I was a fit kid, so I never thought twice about it. This is just how we eat. I started struggling with

constipation at the ripe old age of 14. I was told I would just have to deal with this for the rest of

my life. There was nothing I could do about it. 


When I got to college & food was in my hands for the first time, I actually did a decent job. Lots of

subs & salads, but also pizza & vodka. 

I graduated college with a degree in Exercise Science & moved across the country. I kept active,

but now that I had to actually grocery shop & cook my own food, things went downhill quickly. I

turned to convenience foods, eating my unhappy emotions, blowing through an entire box of swiss

cake rolls, or having soft pretzels with cheese as my dinner. Oh, & drinking Mountain Dew like it

was my job.

I decided this was not the place for me. I moved back within a few hours of my family & mentally things started getting better. I found a job I enjoyed, although my hours were crazy. 3AM mornings, followed by 10PM nights a few days later. My eating & health continued to suffer.

Most days I was eating only one meal. Those meals were normally huge lunches from Fazoli's, Taco Bell, Papa John's. I was also drinking more. I lived within walking distance of some awesome bars & had tons of college friends around to go out with. 

I was tired, didn't care about most things, was still unhappy, I just felt like I wasn't in balance with myself. I wasn't living the best life that I was supposed to be living & with that, I was continuing to shovel shitty food into my body. It was a vicious cycle. Shitty food led to being unhappy & being unhappy led to shitty food & alcohol. 

I was transferred to Michigan for my wellness job. I started to learn more and more about the interworkings of your mind, body, soul, money, how everything is connected. I got certified as a health coach, personal trainer, & nutrition coach. Throughout that process I was given a book by a client called Reversing Diabetes. She wanted to know if it was legitimate. 

It blew my mind & opened me up to a whole new world of nutrition. The whole food plant-based movement. I quickly fell into the research, lectures, books, & documentaries surrounding eating a plant-based diet & was fascinated.

You could really do all that, just with plants? Really balance your body, work with your body, get everything running amazingly. By eating plants. 

Needless to say, this changed my world. I went plant-based & then vegan in 2016 & haven't looked back. I'm now living my values. Putting compassion into my body & out into the world.


Correcting my chronic constipation after 11 years of suffering, in just 2 weeks on plants. Lowering my borderline high cholesterol by over 70 points in the first 6 months. Balancing my weight without restricting how much I was eating, losing 20 pounds & then continuing to lose sizes & swelling. 

Sleeping like a baby. Being able to focus & be productive consistently. Having clear skin for the first time since I was about 10. 

I couldn't just not tell people about this. So, I started Coach Carleigh to share the message of whole food, plant-based living & to help people make the transition healthfully & simply. It doesn't have to be complicated, but it can be. Everything I do comes from a minimalistic approach--simple & sustainable changes to breakdown the shitty habits you learned as a kid & replacing them with a healthy second nature.

You deserve to live a healthy & whole life. 

Peace + Plants